SaaS Awards 2019 - APPEALIE Honors Best Products + Leaders in SaaS
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2019 SaaS Awards Announced – APPEALIE Honors Best Products and Leaders in SaaS

2019 SaaS Award Winners

2019 SaaS Awards Announced – APPEALIE Honors Best Products and Leaders in SaaS

APPEALIE has announced the winners of the 2019 SaaS Awards, including inaugural executive and investor awards.

23 SaaS apps were recognized for their demonstrated excellence and customer outcomes. Winning SaaS platforms included Ceridian, ChurnZero, Copper, SalesLoft, Slack, and Zoom.

For companies interested in entering our 2024 SaaS Awards competition, registration is now open:

“The expectations of today’s software buyers and users increase each year. Our highly selective, data-driven software award honors customer-obsessed SaaS platforms that deliver extraordinary experiences,” commented Matt Harney, Founder of APPEALIE. 

SaaS Award winners are presented below:


Overall SaaS Award winners were selected using Net Promoter Scores™ (NPS), customer responses to APPEALIE’s proprietary survey, UI/UX, recent product improvements, amongst other criteria.  

  • Alteryx
  • Artemis Health
  • Backlog
  • BirdEye
  • CallRail
  • ChurnZero
  • Copper
  • Gusto
  • Invoca
  • Kajabi
  • SalesLoft
  • Slack
  • Ushur
  • Workiva
  • Zoom


Judged by customer success experts, entrants submitted documentation for their best customer success stories and outcomes. 

  • Ceridian
  • Chargify 
  • Inference Solutions
  • SignalFx
  • Totango
  • TripleSeat
  • UserIQ


“Today’s very best SaaS entrepreneurs often have their choice of investors. This new award recognizes the SaaS investors that bring the most value to their portfolio,” commented Matt Harney.  

The SaaS investor award selection process was driven by feedback from entrepreneurs and portfolio companies based on the value an investor adds, whether in terms of strategic advice, recruiting, fundraising, M&A, and network introductions.

  • Promod Haque – Senior Managing Partner – Norwest Venture Partners
  • Kelly Perdew – Managing General Partner – Moonshots Capital
  • Bryan Stolle – Founding Partner – Wildcat Venture Partners


Through peer nominations, our executive winners were selected based on their track record of achieving goals, leadership skills, and ability to attract and retain talent.


  • Michaela Dempsey – VP of Demand and Head of Marketing – Scout RFP
  • Meagen Eisenberg – Chief Marketing Officer – TripActions
  • Barbra Gago – Chief Marketing Officer – Miro
  • Udi Ledergor – VP Marketing – Gong
  • Dan Visnick – Chief Marketing Officer – HoneyBook


  • Lawton Ursrey – VP of Customer Success – UserIQ
  • Andy Lyon – Director of Account Management Enterprise – ZoomInfo Powered by DiscoverOrg

All awards were presented at the 2019 APPEALIE SaaS Conference in San Francisco.

For companies interested in entering our 2024 SaaS Awards competition, registration is now open:


“At BirdEye we’re redefining the relationship between customer acquisition and customer experience because marketing has changed forever. Customers don’t care about catchy taglines. They care about great experiences. When businesses make their customers happy, their customers do their marketing for them. We’re building the best software to convert customers into a marketing engine by leveraging customer feedback: Happy customers are the most powerful and untapped source of revenue” – Naveen Gupta, CEO BirdEye

“At CallRail, our commitment to adding value to our customers influences everything we do. As we continue to advance our technology solutions for full-lead attribution, our team prioritizes updates that come directly from customer feedback. Through our agency partner program, the CallRail community forum, and frequent touchpoints with our users, the voice of the customer is central to CallRail’s evolution.“ – Kevin Mann, CPO and Co-Founder, CallRail

“No longer can businesses assume their customers are happy and successful, they must work to keep them successful. We think of ChurnZero as a leading technology provider in the important and burgeoning space of Customer Success, and why we see recognition like this award as a benchmark to live up to in delivering real business value to our customers.” – You Mon Tsang, CEO & Founder, ChurnZero

“At Inference, we continuously innovate our cloud-based platform to deliver the latest AI and speech technologies to our growing community of customers and partners. We provide an attractive solution for many of our customers because they can use it to build and deploy advanced self-service applications without a team of developers. It also enables them to build new functionality using a visual, drag-and-drop interface. Those applications are delivered on-net through telecommunications service providers, allowing organizations of all sizes to serve and support their customers with advanced, conversational self-service experiences.”   – Callan Schebella, CEO of Inference Solutions

SignalFx provides a complete observability platform to help organizations tackle their most complex monitoring challenges, so when a customer reaches out to the support team, we understand both the urgency and thoroughness they require in resolving the case. By collaborating deeply with customers to understand their unique use cases and challenges, the SignalFx customer support team provides real solutions, drives consistent customer success, and enhances the overall experience of our customers.” – Matt Stone, Director of Global Technical Support, SignalFx


The APPEALIE SaaS Awards are the most selective in software.

Winning SaaS apps are selected on the basis of customer feedback and data, including Net Promoter Scores™ and customer responses to APPEALIE’s proprietary survey. APPEALIE also conducts further due diligence beyond entrant applications to ensure each winner meets its standards of excellence.  

Similarly, our SaaS executive leadership and investor awards are selected based on peer nominations and proprietary survey responses.  

Pronounced “appeal-eee,” our name APPEALIE originates from our mission to recognize the most appealing apps in SaaS.

Attribution: Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score, and NPS are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and Fred Reichheld.


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