18 Executives Recognized By APPEALIE with Software Leadership Award - 2023 SaaS Leader Awards Announced
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18 Executives Recognized By APPEALIE with Software Leadership Award – 2023 SaaS Leader Awards Announced

18 Executives Recognized By APPEALIE with Software Leadership Award – 2023 SaaS Leader Awards Announced

February 5, 2024 – APPEALIE has announced the eighteen winners of the 2023 SaaS Leader Awards, a software leadership award honoring the cloud’s top marketing and customer success executives.

“Beyond specific achievements – whether increases in expansion revenue or setting record MQLs – setting a strong culture was a common theme cited in our winners’ peer nominations,” commented Arabella Solaybar, Executive Producer of APPEALIE. “The glowing nominations and demonstrated achievements our 2023 honorees received reflect the high standard of excellence in the software industry.”

Driven by peer/employee nominations, the 2023 SaaS Leader Award Winners were selected based on their track record of achieving goals, leadership skills, and ability to attract and retain talent

Consistent with APPEALIE’s software awards methodology, Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)-like data points were incorporated along with each executive’s specific accomplishments.

The award process featured two categories:


  • Aaron Steinfurth, Birdeye Inc.
  • Chris Dishman, Totango
  • Daniel Koches, Dealpath
  • Jarah Banks, Quantum Workplace
  • Jenny Pino, TMA Systems, LLC
  • Katrina Garza, FormAssembly
  • Nina Chiavaroli, 4R Systems
  • Rosalyn Curato, Sage


“I am honored to be recognized alongside some stellar SaaS CS leaders. I value the opportunities I’ve had at Quantum Workplace to grow and lead some amazing professionals. They work tirelessly to provide excellent customer experience and ensure our customers feel cared for and find value in our tools – it’s truly a team effort.” Jarah Banks, Director of Implementation & Support, Quantum Workplace

“Being acknowledged as a Customer Success leader within the SaaS domain is an honor. It highlights our commitment at Dealpath to prioritizing a customer-first approach and driving innovation in commercial real estate, and I am fortunate to lead an exceptional team dedicated to delivering true value to our customers in every interaction. Our dedication aims to ensure a seamless experience throughout a customer’s lifecycle on our platform and is proven to also significantly enhance overall satisfaction and retention. I look forward to strengthening this and continuing to provide a tailored, impactful experience for all of our customers.” – Daniel Koches, VP of Customer Success, Dealpath


  • Abdulla Basha, Prezent
  • Ashley Emery, Employ Inc.
  • Cynthia Gumbert, SmartBear
  • Emily Popson, CallRail
  • Erika Rollins, CallTrackingMetrics
  • Kristine Sheikh, RedTeam Software
  • Krystal Putman Garcia, FiscalNote
  • Natalie Wickham, Quantum Workplace
  • Sarah Hospelhorn, BigID
  • Sibel Kurun, Evisort


“To be acknowledged directly by those who understand the day-to-day challenges and intricacies of SaaS marketing is the highest accolade one in this field can aspire to. The Appealie Leadership Award recognizes and celebrates the very best marketers in the SaaS industry, and I am proud to be counted among them.” Erika Rollins, Vice President, Marketing, CallTrackingMetrics

“I am deeply honored to be recognized as a SaaS Marketing Leader. This award is a testament not only to my personal commitment but also to the innovative spirit and relentless dedication of our entire team. In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, we have continuously aimed to pioneer strategies that resonate profoundly with our audience while setting new standards in creativity and efficacy. This recognition strengthens our determination to keep pushing the boundaries in SaaS marketing. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Appealie for this prestigious acknowledgment, and to our clients and partners for their constant support and collaboration.” Abdulla Basha, VP of Growth Marketing, Prezent

“I’m thrilled to receive the APPEALIE SaaS Marketing Leader Award and congratulations to all winners,” said Cynthia Gumbert, CMO at SmartBear. “This recognition represents the work of our first-rate, global marketing team at SmartBear. Together we had a meaningful impact on the business in 2023, including creating record demand growth, launching multiple products to market along with a new brand story, and investing time to uncover our customers’ challenges as well as successes. I’m grateful for the validation of our customer-centric approach.”


Nominations for 2024 can be submitted at:


The following graphic represents a sample of the criteria used in the peer nomination process for the 2023 Software Leadership Awards:


The APPEALIE SaaS Awards are the most selective in software.

Winning SaaS apps are selected based on customer feedback and data, including Net Promoter Scores™. The APPEALIE software awards process includes due diligence beyond entrant applications to ensure each winner meets its standards of excellence.  

Pronounced “appeal-eee,” our name APPEALIE originates from our mission to recognize the most appealing apps in SaaS. 


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